News | K3 Integrates Seamlessly With Zema

BroadPeak Partners announces K3 can now be used to seamlessly manage price movements from ZEMA, a leading enterprise market data warehouse for energy and commodities.  Trading firms relying on ZEMA for market prices can now leverage K3 to manage the distribution of ZEMA data throughout their enterprise.  This gives firms a single point of control […]

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News | K3 Adds Trayport connection

BroadPeak Partners announces a newly added Trayport connection to K3.  Firms trading European energy and commodity products can now automatically receive Trayport deals into their native trading systems directly using K3.

Trayport allows a single connection to 7 exchanges and 18 brokers operating in the European commodities markets.

K3 allows the enterprise to focus on what it […]

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Welcome to BroadPeak Think

Welcome to BroadPeak Think.   This is where we provide comments on Architecture, Integration, Industry and whatever else strikes our fancy.

We love feedback.  Feedback is a key piece to our core values, so if something strikes you don’t be bashful about reaching out to us.

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