Architecture | Chevron Has More Data Than Google

Ponder this:   “Chevron Has More Data Than Google.”  

I know …I know…..That was a rumor I heard that the CEO of Chevron said at CERA Week.

It’s really one of those comments that made me scratch my head.  I don’t know if Watson actually said this.  And after my knee jerk “no way” reaction, I started […]

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Opinion | Call for Visionary CIOs, CTOs and COOs

I’ve worked inside of a number of large trading shops now, both as an employee and as a consultant.  As a result I’ve worked with some really smart people…people who can tell you all the minutae of how to price complex options, people who can build technology systems to compute the value of thousands of […]

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Opinion | Greasing ‘it’ – Divide between Business and IT

I was having coffee with a friend of mine who is a commercial pilot.  With as much flying as I do it’s hard not to ask him a ton of stupid flying questions.  We got onto the subject of landing.  His point was, “Too many pilots try and grease the landing.”   A lot of us […]

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