Dodd Frank | DTCC and Trade Vault “Gotchas”

Dodd Frank  | Trade Vault and DTCC “Gotchas”

The compliance deadlines are looming.   Some of the bigger Gotchas that keep coming up:

Data Is Not In Our Trading System.  The CFTC wants (XYZ Data Point).  We don’t have that in our trading system!

Case in Point:  Option Expiration Time Zone.  Obscure, yes.   So much so I have […]

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Dodd Frank | GO! Get Set, On Your Marks

It’s been a while since we’ve posted.   And there is a reason for that. Dodd-Frank is finally coming to town.  With the final rule for Market Classification hitting the Fed Reg on May 23d, and the final Swaps Definition hitting the deck today…. the clock has started ticking.

In the commodities business it is shaping […]

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