Trading 2013 | The Price is Right!

Remember the 2007 price manipulation case?  There was an interesting clash between price publishers, alleged manipulative traders, and the CFTC.   It kind of turned into a debacle where rogue traders were allegedly submitting false prices to the price publishers.  The CFTC in trying to police the manipulation dropped a subpoena on the publisher.  Publisher pushed […]

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Dodd Frank | CFTC – Black Swan No Action

The CFTC issued some breaks by laying out a series of Dodd Frank “No-Action” letters. The biggies:

CFTC issued a No-Action letter to prevent firms from crossing into Swaps Dealer status.  The rule states that any firm doing more than $25 Million in business with “Special Entities” such as a Federal, State or Local utility is […]

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ICE Has Officially Gone Back to the Future(s)

It’s a little known fact that any time there is a trade break at any of our clients using K3, I get an alert email.  When we configure the email alerts I ask clients to put me on the distribution list for any trades received from the exchange in K3 but not able to book […]

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Dodd-Frank | Court Torpedoes Position Limits

CFTC sent back home to do its homework.    The District Court tossed the position limits ruling.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really feel for the gauntlet that the CFTC has been put through in terms of getting out new rules.  But the District Court found that the organic legislation did not give the CFTC […]

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