Looking for Artists of Code…

We are growing strong at BroadPeak and looking to hire some more key team members.  Do you have experience integrating systems?  Are you a code jedi?  Do you love clojure or other functional languages?

Besides the obvious analytical skills that a good developer must have, we particularly look for folks who like having impact on big business, […]

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Not all RRMs are created equally

It’s just a matter of time…

With all this global trade reporting going on and all sorts of new players entering the market, it’s just a matter of time before someone’s data gets hacked.  Being able to predict trading patterns and how counterparties affect the market is an advantage akin to knowing the other players’ cards […]

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Docker | A $416 Million Loss Too Late?

Seriously, one has to wonder whether Docker could have saved Knight Capital from bankruptcy and a $416 Million one day loss.

The cause of the Knight bankruptcy is pretty straightforward.  Knight was one of the biggest market makers in equities.  They were the guys always providing liquidity on exchanges like NYSE.  A developer moved an upgrade […]

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