REMIT Table 1 and Table 2

As we approach the deadline for the next phase of REMIT, K3 stands ready to help you with your tough trades.  Having trouble with Table 2?  Need questions answered? Don’t worry just give Tom Eisner a call.

We can help you get your REMIT Table 1 and Table 2 trades converted to a conforming ACER XML […]

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ICE Releases New Wash Trades FAQ

This month the Intercontinental Exchange (aka ICE) released a revised Wash Trade FAQ document.  This isn’t simply arbitrary guidance.  It comes after considerable review with the CFTC, who list it along with the previous edition on their site.  The last version was issued a little over 6 years ago and the new edition addresses washing in context of the […]

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Euro Insanity

There’s an old saying that insanity is defined by doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.  There is no shortage of compliance pain under ESMA, REMIT, MIFID…etc:

ESMA recently released an updated EMIR reporting specification which increases the number of  report-able fields by 50% to 129.  Everyone has been a bit […]

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