It’s not a unique story. We built K3 because we were fed up with old and cruddy integration technology. Take 3 integration nerds, sit them in a room to entirely re-engineer sustainable and fast integration. When we launched K3 in 2012, TechCrunch named us one of the most disruptive applications of the year. That was version 1.0. Since then K3 has spread across a happy roster of Fortune 500 clients ranging from bulge bracket banks to midsize industrials to become a new force in powerful and easy to use integration technology.

When we show people K3 , the phrase we hear all the time is: “This is simply amazing.”

You don’t need to know how to code. You don’t need to know fancy integration patterns. (If you do, please be our guest). But with K3 all you really have to know is your business. And my friends, there is no one who knows it better than you. Whether you are trying to get a handle on that ornery legacy application or a brand new SAAS app, K3 is designed for blistering fast integration that even non-coders will love.


Vivek Pathak

Chief Operations Officer

“There is a difference between knowing and understanding. Unless we understand a problem the solution will be an un-synthesized mess.”

Quick Stats: Chemical Engineer turned to managing trading and technology for global bank. Drove large projects for leading large consultancy. COO for large financial institution’s Commodities & Emerging Market’s Business. Joined BroadPeak in 2009 and runs BroadPeak operations.

Gordon Allot

President & CEO

“We have a small appetite for disruptive applications. Disruptive to us has less to do with new paradigms like social internet, and more to do with making a step change in enterprise data. So much business intelligence is locked up behind out of date architectures. It’s just waiting to be unleashed.”

Quick Stats: Energy attorney swept into trading and technology. 16 years in the energy and technology markets. Started North American operations for one of the first energy trading software vendors. Directed energy and risk markets for large consultancy. Started BroadPeak in 2006 as an energy consultancy and began developing software in 2011.

Manish Handa

Chief Technology Officer

“The truth is…architecture matters.”

Quick Stats: 11 years of heads down coding. Prolific understanding of software technology and architecture. Big Bank application development leadership . Manish is responsible for overseeing all software development and developers and ensuring top quality development and testing. B.S. Computer Science and engineering.

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When we think of outstanding we think of talented dedicated people with a massive appetite for learning something new and applying it. We think of good communicators who are able to synthesize complicated ideas into action. We are a rapidly growing company and, frankly, we don’t have time for egos and internal politics.
BroadPeak maintains a no-policy vacation policy. We have a no-policy work schedule policy. We just don’t concern ourselves with what time you come or what time you go. Job success is based on accomplishment, not what time you show up every day.
Frankly, this is not for everyone. But if you are like us, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us your resume.

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