How To MAR- A Commodities Primer

We’ve  recently had some very interesting conversations with companies about MAR.  Despite going live in July 2016, it’s clear that companies are falling into two camps.  Those that are doing their best to ignore it.  And, those that are really grappling with some of the finer points of surveilling manipulative behavior.  Things like:

When does a […]

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The Good Shepherd of Compliance Data

Post the financial crisis of 2008, financial firms that trade directly with other firms (as opposed to a listed exchange/marketplace) are subject to an ever-increasing number of regulatory requirements. Think Dodd-Frank, EMIR, REMIT, MiFID II, and their analogues in each regional jurisdiction around the globe. While some of these regulations are broad in scope, at […]

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New Buzzwords You Will Hate by 2016

The New Buzzwords You Will Hate by 2016

Freshly returned from yet another conference.   Since its nearing the end of year I thought I would put out a semi-prediction about what everyone is going to be buzz-wording about in 2015.

“NO ESB” –  The agenda behind the NO ESB movement is this:  Stop thinking about message busses […]

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Designers will be Data Artists

Here is a great article discussing future transformations for designers.  The future is all about Data.  So if you aren’t yet tired of hearing about BigData, you may soon hit your breaking point.  If this article is correct, it’s only going to be a growing phenomenon.

The question for leaders is…

How are you empowering your data […]

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SAAS Integrators feeling Sassy

The accelerated pace of technology development has brought about a deluge of confusing buzzwords.  Even if you came to the smart conclusion that technology is key to your today’s competitive strategy, crafting that strategy and finding suitable vendor partners to execute it is increasingly difficult.  Not only do you have to understand a growing list […]

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Sifma Day 1 – Lazy Gorilllas?

We’re here at the Sifma Tech conference in midtown Manhattan…historically this is the place to be for FinTech Companies.  Here’s a few nuggets from day one.

Most common response to “What do you do?” – “I work in Market Data.”  But where are all the big Market Data vendors…Bloomberg? Thompson Reuters?  Has Market Data become a […]

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Canada Trade Reporting…The Cruelty!

After having connected over 25 different trading systems to repositories under Dodd-Frank and EMIR there are a LOT of lessons to be learned.  Now that Canada is underway with its own unique perspective on Trade Reporting we thought we would take a moment to make some suggestions to help companies get ready.

Like EMIR and Dodd-Frank, […]

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EMIR, It Ain’t Pretty

We’ve got multiple EMIR reporting implementations going on right now and its worth commenting on the current state of EMIR trade reporting.   After having done a ton of Dodd-Frank reporting implementations, I can tell you that EMIR is turning out to be a bigger headache.  Anyone care to put out an over/under on the […]

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EMIR TR Approvals – Two big Omissions

In case you did not already know, last week the European regulatory authority ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) approved 4 of the 6 applicants as official Trade Repositories (TR’s) for derivatives trade reporting under EMIR regulations (official press release).  We do expect the remaining 2 to be approved shortly…more on that below.  This means […]

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SDR/TR | Standardi (Z or S) ation

StandardiZation, StandardiSation.  Why can’t we all just agree???

With the Dodd-Frank SDR reporting inching slow ahead to full steam in the US, how have we fared thus far? Truthfully?  Not so well!

Why?  Well one does not need to go any further than to take a peek at what’s on the CFTC’s mind.  And what is on […]

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