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Connect to All

The K3 Data Integration Platform connects every type of application under the sun. With off-the-shelf adapters to everything from Exchanges to Salesforce to your oldest, nastiest legacy application, K3 quickly connects.

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Bring Data Together

The K3 Data Integration Platform moves countless millions of trades per day for the worlds largest traders. It’s where we were born.    Now K3 is used by the world leading (and complicated) institutions to deliver powerful and painless data integration.  

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Adapt Over Time

Custom integration is great… right up until something changes. Companies spend millions updating interfaces? The K3 Data Integration Platform explicitly empowers users to manage changes to interfaces  right in the UI without a single line of code.

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Message Bus Agnostic

Just because a middleware provider has a great message bus does not mean that they have great integration and ETL tools. Our philosophy is based on not tethering customers to any specific messaging technology, rather K3 is designed to operate with any message bus. The K3 Data Integration Platform is entirely agnostic to the message bus. 

Integration Delivers Insights

With both new and old technologies running today’s enterprises, companies face increasing operational silos and intelligence locked away in fragmented data.

The key to smooth operations and unleashing insights is a data integration platform able to break through technical barriers, flex with business changes, AND deliver a common data set.

Whether connecting to older systems or managing the day to day changes inherent in integration, whether you are a small company or global powerhouse…K3 has you covered.


Easy ETL and Management Right in the User Interface!

View Every Piece of Data that Flows Through K3
Easily Map Between Systems
Intuitive Business Rules Engine Right in the UI
Data Warehousing & Reporting

Data Integration Adapters

High Performance Legacy Adapters
Major Adpaters to SAAS Applications
Low Latency Exchange Adapters
Excel, XML, and Drop File Adapters

Refined Data Integration Horsepower

Powerful Routing
Comprehensive Protocol Conversion
Every Integration Pattern Under the Sun
Complete Audit, Security & Email Alerts

TOP Shelf Data Integration Support

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We don’t take support lightly. If you are tired of vendors who throw their app over the fence to let you fend for yourself, give us a call. We monitor every email alert and work with our clients to troubleshoot challenges in real time.

We even offer total data integration outsourcing. Give our sales personnel a call to discuss.

We admit it. We’re data integration nerds.

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