K3 is a world class integration platform. Originally built to connect trading systems handling millions of trades, we extended the power of K3 into general integration. To be honest, we built K3 out of total frustration. We’ve used all the tools on the market and simply had enough of integration tool’s poor design, poor usability, and poor architecture. The truth about integration is that it should be done once. But all too often integration takes ridiculously expensive personnel to chase down menial data janitor issues. This is just not sustainable. And K3 was born.

Our Architecture (Sorry Marketing). Our marketing people hate it when we start talking architecture.  But lets face it, everyone has had enough of junk code and simply unbearable applications.  We built K3 using the latest and most efficient technology.  When we look at other integration tools in the market we often think to ourselves, “Well that’s about the best you could do using XYZ technology.”

Our Design (you are welcome marketing).  Marketing likes it when we talk design.   If you think about how the iPhone entirely disrupted how people interact with technology…that’s what we are after.  When it comes to integration 90% of what needs to be done should not require coding.  We take this to heart.  That is our sole focus is building a ultra clean application that regular non-coding mortals can intuitively use.

Built for Enterprise Complexity:  Let’s face reality.  Most businesses critical applications are not all sexy SAAS apps with a gorgeous published API.  The dirty truth is that there are lots of nasty legacy applications out there operating as the cornerstone of revenue generation.  From the outset we built K3 to seamlessly connect to these types of applications and it is one of our core strengths.  In a modern enterprise some applications are in the cloud and some are not.  Without a great integration platform that can span this reality, all is for naught.

Easy. Call our main line at (646) 461-3311 and punch 2 when the chipper auto-attendant comes on the phone. Or you can email us at info@broadpeakpartners.com

Why yes, we do. They are all here for your convenience.

Absolutely! We’d LOVE to show people what K3 can do. Here is the process we find most fruitful for everyone:

1. Call 646-461-3311 punch #1.
2. Talk to our adviser and let him or her know what you are trying to do.
3. The adviser may bring in a technical analysts to plan out how we can execute what you want to do.
4. We will set up an instance for you on Amazon and work with you to meet the objectives.
5. We can let you use this instance for a limited period of time.

K3 is typically licensed on an annual subscription model, regardless of whether you use an on-premise installation or our our cloud hosted IPAAS. Here are some particulars about how the K3 license scales.

We NEVER scale our license charge on the amount of data processed by K3.
We NEVER scale our license on the number of processors/cores used by K3.
We NEVER scale our licence on stupid criteria like the type of data you are flowing with K3.

Everyone hates it when vendors scale their license using the above…so we don’t do it.

K3’s license is scaled on one and only one criteria. How many “Linked Systems” you have. That is, source to destination connections in K3.
That’s it.

BroadPeak started in 2007 as an integration consultancy. All of our founders came out of Big 4 consultancies and investment bank technology groups. We’ve spent our career creating and troubleshooting integration. In 2011 two of our founders were climbing and talking about all the terrible integration tools they had used over the years. In a moment of what was either pure genius or oxygen deprivation, the idea of K3 was born. We began coding K3 from the ground up and it was officially launched  at TechCrunch as one of the most disruptive applications of 2012.  Since that time we’ve grown to support many happy Fortune 1000 clients including leading investment banks and industrials. K3 is responsible for moving the worlds most precious data payloads, including trades, cash, and order data.

No. The beauty of K3 is that we have abstracted a great deal of day-to-day interface management into an easy to use interface. This is important. The central challenge of integration is not the integration itself, but the fact that the upstream and downstream systems are constantly changing. K3 makes it simple to update the interface.

Either. K3 is a cloud enabled application with a fully published API. Approximately 40% of our clients run in the cloud as an IPAAS on an Amazon AWS instance. The balance run on internal or private cloud hardware.

K3 sends email alerts in real time. Whether it’s a data payload that did not make it to its destination, a user access problem or any other configuration that would create an alert, our support desk knows about it. This allows us to call you and walk through getting the error resolved in real time. For our Platinum support customers we do everything.

Why yes, we did say Data Warehouse. K3 natively deploys with a Data Warehouse. What does this mean? Every little piece of data going through K3 is persisted to our warehouse. The truth of the matter is that data going between applications is important. We save every data payload and every transformation in our Data Warehouse. With our integration powerhouse, it’s easy to connect new sources and transform / load them to the Data Warehouse. Proprietary? Not at all. K3 Data Warehouse runs on any relational database or any NoSQl database. The vast majority of our clients use Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostGres, Mongo, HBase, Cassandra, and Datomic.

Hundreds upon hundreds!  Our off the shelf application connections are achieved through our Adapters.  There are threel major types:

Tier 1 Adapters:  Tier 1 Connections are designed for very specialized applications that demand low latency and performance monitoring. For example all of our Exchange Connections (now covering over 30 exchanges) are ultra-low latency adapters designed for absolute speed and continuous monitoring.  Tier One Adapters are also used for compliance reporting such as Swaps Data Repositories and Trade Repositories.

SaaS Adapters:  Our SaaS connections are pre-established connections we have created to connect to the Cloud’s 5000+ published APIs.

Legacy Adapters:  Legacy Adapters are a set of application connections that span a wide range of different applications.  From applications with an unpublished API to those with no API at all, we have developed a comprehensive set of adapters to interact with even the most legacy of legacy applications.

K3 was originally designed with full banking controls in place.  Integration is often a weak spot of enterprise security.  Every action by anyone  in K3 is captured by our comprehensive audit trail.  Likewise K3 is fully connected to LDAP and SSO user authentication and security groups.  Encryption is available throughout using 256 bit salted encryption.

Yes, our core deployments and clients use K3 to integrate exchanges around the globe.  K3 has over 25 low latency, persistent exchange adapters.   In all cases we are an approved and certified exchange ISV.


Yes! Rarely do we run into a message bus that we didn’t love. As a result we remain steadfast in staying absolutely agnostic to the bus. Whether you are using BizTalk, Active MQ, MQ Series, TIBCO, Rabbit MQ, Zero MQ Solace, we are absolutely dedicated to seamless interconnectivity. We are strong advocates of keeping clients out of the software walled garden.

K3 runs on fairly standard hardware, whether virtual or physical.

The server can run on a Windows or Linux server with at least 8GB RAM. The client will run on any PC running Win XP or newer.

Any relational and most non-relational data stores can also be used. An increasing number of our customers are using NoSQL stores to create Data Warehouses using K3.

Yes. We have a fully published web API which exposes ALL underlying K3 functions.