K3 Cloud & IPaaS

Enterprise Integration has never been so simple.  IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is our cloud hosted integration powerhouse. Today’s enterprise is reaching further and further into the cloud.  K3 IPaaS is offered in the cloud with hundreds of “off-the-shelf” adapters to just about every application under the sun.  K3 IPaaS’ user-centric design can not only get you connected, but prevent those cloud apps from turning into difficult data silos.

Cloud & IPaaS

Fear Not! Embrace the Cloud.

Are you looking to accelerate your business with a new SAAS app like Salesforce or Workday?  K3’s expansive IPaaS library of off-the-shelf  connections will keep your existing systems connected as you invest in the future. Developing solutions without waiting for a developer? Now THAT’S efficiency.

Same Intuitive Integration

Are you concerned that an IPAAS solution is just a lightweight version? Think again. K3’s cloud hosted IPaaS solution offers all the same intuitive user management tools as an on premise installation.  K3 IPaaS specializes in connecting your legacy on premise systems to SAAS systems in the cloud.  This is called Hybrid Integration and K3 IPaaS hybrid integration is second to none.

Integration Powerhouse

Are you sick and tired of sick and tired applications? We are architecture nerds to the core. The truth is you can’t solve tomorrow’s data problems using yesterday’s technology. K3 is designed for scale and complexity down to every code-line. Let us show you how to make the most of your data through a brilliant integration architecture.
Off the shelf adapters for Cloud & IPaaS

K3 IPaaS Lives in the Cloud

Cloud & IPaaS

For customers embracing the cloud, K3 runs as a service on Amazon AWS, Rackspace, or your private cloud. From there K3 takes care of the rest. Using off-the-shelf connections K3 enables companies to stream, batch and transform all data directly in via the user interface.

K3 IPaaS Makes Connecting Between SAAS Apps a Cinch

Cloud & IPaaS

K3 has hundreds of off-the-shelf adapters designed to connect to just about any published API. To the extent that K3 does not have an existing connection, it is a simple matter of leveraging an adapter template to quickly turn around a supported and tested connection. Simple, straightforward connections are one of the major efficiencies of SAAS applications!

K3  IPaaS Eliminates Manual Work

Cloud & IPaaS

One of the most challenging elements to cloud applications is that they are natural silo makers. For example, if your company has a number of on-premise applications and one department begins to use a cloud-based application, it can be a challenge to close this gap with traditional integration tools. K3 is designed to run in a distributed environment and easily spans cloud and on-premise applications.

K3 is currently used with every data transformation and distribution approach under the sun. Irrespective of whether your data needs are batch, stream or queued, K3 covers all.

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