Are you spending more time acquiring and harmonizing “big” data to feed a Business Intelligence (BI) tool than gaining insights?  It shouldn’t be that way.

Business intelligence analysts use K3 to streamline “data labor” and data blending so they can spend time getting real stories from that mountain of data.  Stop being a business intelligence data janitor.  Let’s get you back to your core function delivering massive insights.

Business Intelligence Using K3

Database Flexibility

K3 for business intelligence works with any database. Should you go SQL or NoSQL? With K3 you have all the options as K3 is entirely database agnostic. Whether you are using Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostGres, or HBASE, Mongo or Datomic….K3 connects.

Shape Data Painlessly

No more code. K3 enables users to shape all transformations right through the user interface. We are not just talking about mapping column to columns, K3 allows users to map and create rules that work at the data level itself. Need a change? Don’t bother IT. Make the change yourself right in the user interface.

The Best Pre-Analytics Ever

You know all that pre-work you have to do to organize and aggregate data for your BI tool? K3 solves that right off the shelf. K3 is designed to easily fold, format, fluff, and transform data the way you need it to for applications like Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView and many others.
You Choose Your Business Intelligence Store

Normalize Your Business Intelligence Data

Business Intelligence

K3 doesn’t just seamlessly connect you to a data store. Through K3’s distributed architecture, custom analytic tools easily embed into the architecture so you can drive custom analytics off of aggregated data

Dynamic Business Intelligence Warehousing on the Fly

Business Intelligence

Systems for data warehousing have to flex with changes. New questions the warehouse should answer means new warehouse fields. Sometimes source systems have field changes. Keeping up with change is native to K3 and users can adjust warehouses on the fly.

Reliable Business Intelligence Warehousing

Business Intelligence

Every data payload going through K3 is natively persisted. As you add or remove data sources or make changes to underlying database technologies, rest assured that your warehouse stays in sync through all the change.

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