K3’s roots are in complex enterprise integration. In a large enterprise, complex data flows hinge on two elements. Legacy applications and complex business processes. With proficient connections to legacy applications and the ability to abstract away process complexity, K3 reduces data madness to simple data management from an intuitive GUI interface.

Enterprise Integratoin

Connect to Every App Under the Sun

K3 is used by the worlds largest and sophisticated organizations for Enterprise Integration.

  • CRM
  • General Ledger
  • Operations Systems
  • Trading Systems
  • Order Management Systems
  • Legacy Data Systems

Powerhouse Scaling

K3 routes data through its ultra-fast component streaming architecture. Each component handles specific integration and transformation tasks. As bottlenecks are discovered, individual components are scaled across machines to increase processing power and throughput. No matter how complex the transformation, no matter the volume…K3 enterprise integration delivers.

K3 is Entirely Different

We often hear the comment, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” At its launch, K3 was named a  finalist at TechCrunch as one of the most disruptive technologies entering the market. Since that time we have grown and brought the power of K3’s Integration Platform to Fortune 1000 companies around the globe.  Come talk to us and see for yourself. You will understand how you will NEVER INTEGRATE AGAIN.

Enterprise Integration

API-fication of Your Legacy Application

We get it. You’re working on the next level of architecture but enterprise integration teams are stuck on legacy systems. No one has the stomach for replacement. So,what’s to be done? Isolate that that legacy beast by integrating it to a performant API! K3’s legacy adapter set quickly integrates that legacy pain into the future state. K3 easily connects to mainframes, messy databases and other pre-API applications.

K3 Stops Data Janitorial Work In It’s Tracks

Enterprise Integration

K3 boldly goes where no enterprise integration platform has gone before. K3 is designed for use by non-technical users. Lets be frank: The IT team is too busy and Operations is too weary for yet another call to “update the interface, or trace a data flow problem. K3 abstracts all interface management into an intuitive user interface where non-technical people can truly manage data transformation from source to sink.

Enterprise Integration Demands Comprehensive Security

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration is one of the most important company IT assets. K3 is designed to manage all interfaces under a single roof and allow security segregation by data path. In other words, users can only see and manage the systems relevant to them. Audit? EVERY change in K3 is captured in our audit trail with real time alerts for specified behavior.

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