Trade Limits & Surveillance

Real Time.

That’s what makes K3’s Trade Limit & Surveillance suite superior to anything else in the market. Whether your interest is Exchange or Regulatory limits,   Spoofing, Slamming, Wash Trades or other surveillance intelligence, K3 is designed to implement fast and give you actionable insights.

Trade Reporting

Real Time Exchange Connectivity

K3 is flexible in that it can either calculate exchange limits from FCM statements or compile positions in real time directly from the exchange. All trades are accounted for under their respective limit.

Always Up to Date

Limits Surveillance is worthless unless it’s using updated information. That’s why K3 downloads updated limits, deltas, expiration dates, aggregation ratios DIRECTLY FROM THE EXCHANGE. K3 downloads over 750,000 pieces of reference data every day to make sure your limits are calculated correctly.

Spoof, Wash, Slamming

As an authorized vendor on over 35 different exchanges, K3 is uniquely positioned to get you all your order and trade activity in real time. Once in K3’s advanced data warehouse, K3 generates insightful metrics in minutes. So whether you are looking to monitor spoofing, slamming and other trader prohibited trader activity, insight is just a click away.


Users are able to set custom threshold alerts by product.  For example, users can set an email alert at 80% of limit, 90% of limit and 100% of limit.


Got an exemption from the exchange? No problem. Whether it’s a straight exemption or an asymetrical exemption users can simply add them into K3 in seconds.

Trade Reporting


K3’s surveillance suite enables compliance to oversee all activity on and off exchanges. Beginning with K3’s amazing integration capabilities and through our data visualization, users are able to detect and track orders and trades that are suspect. All in real time.

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