Trade Reporting is mired in dynamic complexity. K3 distills away complexity so anyone can manage compliance processes. Whether your firm is looking to meet obligations under Dodd-Frank, EMIR, REMIT, FATCA, FINFRAG or other regime, K3 has connectivity to simplify the reporting process and powerful data warehousing to create an substantiate compliance.

Trade Reporting

Compliance Off-The-Shelf

K3 is a single stop for compliance reporting. Whether reporting under Dodd-Frank, FATCA, GATCA, EMIR, REMIT, Canada OTC Regs, CAT or another regime, K3 has the adapters and experience to solve even the most challenging regulatory demands.

Absolute Warehousing

Compliance goes far beyond generating reports. K3 supervises and tracks every compliance element within a data warehouse. This becomes the fulcrum for compliance management.

Dynamic Reporting

K3 is used by the worlds larges companies to solve ongoing compliance challenges. As regulatory requirements change, users can adjust on the fly to stay compliant.
Trade Reporting

K3 Tells Your Regulatory Compliance Story

We understand. You have to assemble data from lots of different sources. Trade reporting requires top shelf integration. With focus on usability, K3 enables users to quickly configure data from different sources to timely report key information directly to the trade reporting repository. K3’s data warehousing capabilities create a permanent record  of your compliance efforts to regulators.

Off-the-Shelf Trade Reporting Connectoins

Trade Reporting

Whether your firm needs execute trade reporting under under Dodd-Frank, FATCA, EMIR, REMIT, Canada OTC Regs or other regulatory regime, K3 has a connection to eliminate what would otherwise be a costly project.  Our clients are 100% reference-able and K3 trade reporting implements in record time.

K3 Validates Every Trade Reporting Movement

Not only does K3 maintain an accurate historical record of trade reporting, it also alerts users in real time if anything is amiss.  Users have a complete real time and historical view of all trade reporting movements.

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