K3 is revolutionizing the trading platform integration paradigm.  With over 40 low latency exchange adapters, K3 is the only system built for guaranteed delivery.

Transparency and assurance over every data movement maximizes a firm’s investments in trading infrastructure and adds processing efficiency from the front to the back office.

Trading Platform Integration

Maximize System Investment

Straight-through-processing, confirmations, clearing, compliance, data warehousing and more. K3 is used by the world’s largest financial institutions to automate complex business processes and get the most from their trading infrastructure.

Touchless Trading

Each time an employee touches a trade, significant cost and operational risk is incurred. K3 validates every data movement and sends alerts as issues arise. Troubleshoot in real-time instead of manually tying out systems. With the widest industry footprint, you’re covered no matter where you need to send/receive trades.

Absolute Scaleability

K3 is designed to scale at the component level. That means you can distribute the workload of any K3 component across a number of cores for blistering fast performance.
Trading Platform Integration

No More Babysitting Trading Data Flows

Trading Platform Integration

The reason the world’s leading financial institutions use K3 is simple: Guaranteed Delivery. K3 is designed to be failsafe. K3 has low-latency integrations with over 40 exchanges, including both FIX Protocol and Non-FIX adapters. K3 covers every trade type of trading from Commodities, FX, IR, to Equities.

Audit trail? Security? Every change in K3 is logged in our comprehensive Audit Trail.

Trading Integrations That Scale On Demand

Trading Platform Integration

Throughputs growing? Major processing causing bottlenecks? K3 is designed to assess performance and then scale at the component level. Sometimes referred to as Component Stream Architecture, K3 nimbly scales to accommodate millisecond processing on millions of trades.

Total Trading Transparency As It Happens

Trading Platform Integration

K3 monitors the performance of every trade, every movement, and every heartbeat. When it comes to high value data payloads, operational teams need to know about problems in real time, not at the end of the day.

K3 is the only trading integration platform with a comprehensive audit trail. Anything someone does in the integration is tracked, secure and monitored. When it comes to auditabbility of key data movements, K3 is hands down the only solution.

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