Brilliant ETL Tools to Drive Intelligence

B.I. tools let you build great reports. K3 delivers the data to make them dance. If you deal in B.I., at some point you have just wanted access to raw data and the ability to bring it together.  K3 enables Streaming ETL from multiple sources to your database of choice.

BiDB | Data Analysis | BroadPeak Partners

K3 for B.I. lets you:

  • Gather data from various sources
  • Define ETL mapping and rules to create harmonized data
  • Project harmonized data to a database (Blend into Database)
  • Connect B.I. tools to a database directly
  • Iterate through changes to data structures and output
  • Build institutional reporting capabilities

What is BiDB (Blend into Database) ?

Blend into database

Bring your data into K3. Harmonize it using an intuitive ETL interface. Then what? Output a file for reporting? Not here. Blend into Database (BiDB) to manifest your work permanently. Let your work be updated as your sources are refreshed.

Make changes in the User Interface which AUTOMATICALLY change the structure of your reporting database.
  • Manifest and maintain your data
  • Iterate until correct
  • Make changes as required
  • Manage streaming data

Why K3 Is a Different Blend

Because you need something more powerful

If you are a data scientist, then you know. 90% of your time is spent on data prep. We're here to change that in a big way. While desktop tools that crank out files are great, at some point you are going to drive your Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik reports from a database.

K3 is unique in that its the only blending application that drives database structure changes directly from the User Interface. Yep, when you add a column in K3, it automatically adds that column in the database.

What Database? Any Database. Whether you prefer MSSQL, PostGres, Oracle, MySQL or any other database.

We just listened

Why did we do this? Because it's what data scientists want. If you regularly work with Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView or any other BI tool the message is clear: Give me raw data easily. Give me my own database. Give me a Rules Engine. Make that blending tool drive database changes so I don't have to do it twice!