Conquering Position Limits:  K3 Limits Service is the only solution on the market providing real time limits service.  K3 connects to over 40 exchanges worldwide.  Precursor data is downloaded directly from the exchange including, current expiration dates, updated limits, updated aggregation ratios, and option deltas.  All limits are calculated in real time in an intuitive limits dashboard and alert system.

EAI is Dead:  Why Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects have failed again and again to deliver on the promises of faster integration. Worldwide companies spend nearly $300 Billion dollars integrating disparate systems. EAI and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) only make up 8% of this spend.

HF Case Study:  White paper reviewing how K3 was used at a hedge fund client to streamline commodity trading operations.  Topics include, price movements, trade movement trade aggregation and allocation.

Operations and IT Efficiency-Mapping:  How K3 has been used to unlock efficiency for both Operations and IT departments at trading firms.

Eliminating Manual Labor in the Middle Office-Rules:  K3’s rules engine enables interface data to be enriched prior to downstream booking.

Price Movements Using K3:  Solving the challenge of routing prices to multiple downstream systems using K3.

K3- High Volume Scaling:  How K3’s architecture scales for large volume throughput.

Data Migration using K3:  Accelerating data migration efforts using K3

Welcome to Wall Street’s Briar Patch:  Oil & Gas Financial Journal article

F1 Components: The full list of F1 Components bundled into K3.   All components in K3 are open Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) and cover every type of conversion, translation and integration pattern.

Big Table Big Data in Plain Language:  Simple explanation of a game changing technology and how K3 uses it to help enterprises get business results from the ‘cloud’.

The End of Reconciliation – Feed Manager:  With K3’s Feed Manager, firms no longer need to conduct costly and time consuming reconciliations.