Some of our Enterprise Integration Customers

K3 Enterprise Integration

K3 is Enterprise Integration Software. It moves data from anywhere to anywhere. It also allows users to transform, filter, and unify data through an intuitive UI.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Exceptional library of application adapters. This includes software, databases, files, and many more.

I.T. Go Faster

I.T. is always under pressure to deliver. Do more with less.

Brains Over Brawn

K3 shortens the distance from brain to delivery. UI based integration that anyone can use.

Unleash Your Data with K3

  • Trading: K3 is the Industry Standard for Trading Integration.
    Trading Integration
  • Streaming ETL: Connect to any data source and blend into a single coherent database for Tableau, QlikView and MSBI.
    Streaming ETL
  • Hybrid (IPaaS) Integration: Salesforce? Connect to Cloud and on Premise? No sweat.
    IPaaS Integration

Put a little Hell Yeah into your work.

Gone are the days where you needed to be a coder to get integration and ETL done. K3 is a third generation integration platform. That means it plays nicely with everyone, including its users. Why? Because its 2019 not 1999 that's why.
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