Some of our Enterprise Integration Customers

K3 data plumbing

K3 is Enterprise Integration Software. Software that takes data from anywhere, allows users to transform, filter, and unify through an intuitive UI. It more than just another clever ESB.

Future-Proof Connectivity

Wide adapter library and future-proof distributed flows

I.T. Go Faster

I.T. is always under pressure to deliver. Save them from data janitor work!

Brains Over Brawn

K3 shortens the distance from brain to delivery. UI based integration that anyone can use.

Unleash Your Data with K3

  • Trading: Bar none, K3 is the market leader for Trade Data Integration.
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  • Blend Into Database: Connect lots of data sources and blend into a single coherent database for Tableau, QlikView and MSBI.
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  • Hybrid (SaaS) Integration: Salesforce? Connect to Cloud and on Premise? No sweat.
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Sure Footed Data? Hell Ya!

You know what’s worse than clogged pipes? Unclogging pipes! How does 800,000 fault tolerant writes per second sound? To our competitors…love ya’ man but shutting down the whole city water system to change a sink is ridiculous.
Data ETL Integration