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Visualize and normalize data with ease, no coding required. One solution and one price for data flows to Amazon RedShift, Snowflake, files, databases and more.

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K3 Solves Common Challenges With Ease. No Coding required.

Challenge #1

Every single one of our customers uses a different data format. We need a no code way to harmonize them to our business.

K3 Solves

No problem. K3 can ingest thousands of files across different file types and formats. JSON? Custom XML? Space Delimited? K3 handles all of these and allows intuitive code free transformation through our mapping and rules engine.

Challenge #2

Data is stuck in legacy systems and databases, but we don’t have the bandwidth to develop a data lake.

K3 Solves

Easy. K3 has direct database connections to nearly every DB system. We make it easy to delta poll (just get what has changed since the last poll).

Challenge #3

There are thousands of important data points locked up in Excel and CSV files. They are flying around all the time. We just want to capture them.

K3 Solves

Sure. K3 has enterprise scalability. So whether its 1 file with a million rows or a million files with 1 row, K3 is designed from the ground up to handle your data needs.

Challenge #4

We need near real time reports on data, but that data spans multiple systems. Some of them do not even have an API.

K3 Solves

Love real time. K3 is based on streaming ETL. This means that all transformation functions happen in real time, not batch. This enables businesses to get even better insight into real time operation with minimal latency.

Challenge #5

We keep several data lakes and warehouses. We want one ETL solution to feed them all.

K3 Solves

It’s what makes us different. K3 allows users to scale from very small to very large. For many customers some data lakes are in Redshift, some are in MSSQL and some are in Snowflake. Your one instance connects to them all (instead of 3 instances in the example above).

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