K3 Data Prep

Watch this 3 Minute Demo to see what K3 data prep can do for your data.

K3 Highlights

  • Connects To Any Data Source
  • Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid Deployment (Dealer's Choice!)​
  • ETL Configuration with No Code Required
  • Easy to Use User Interface
  • Instantly Query All Your Data to Glean Insights
  • Powerful Data Rules Engine
  • Intuitive Deep Value Mappings
  • Your Very Own Database Of Everything To Do With What You Want
  • Real-Time or Batch ETL and Integration
  • Harmonized Data To Any Database
  • Intuitive Deep Value Mappings
  • Manage Streaming and Deep Data Flows With An Elegant Dashboard
  • Rule Based Data Validation And Alerting For All Data Payloads
  • High Performance ETL Processing

Connect To Data Anywhere

Hundreds of different types of adaptors. Connecting to APIs, databases, files, message queues, is just a few clicks away. All in a low-code environment.

Low Code Efficiency

Code not requires. No, you don’t need to go through your IT department! K3 has full transformation capabilities letting you transform, filter and unify data.

No Code Full Data Rules Engine

We can’t predict the future. But what we can do is help future you fix data problems. How? K3’s data Rules Engine. Right in the user interface K3 allows business users to create when, then, else case statements. No Code Required.