Low Code ETL

Painlessly Build Your Data Warehouse

Watch This 3 Minute Demo to See What K3 Can Do For Your Data.

K3 is designed from the ground up to aggregate and harmonize all your company files, database, and applications.  All served up in a Tableau friendly Data Warehouse. 

Read More About It Here.

K3 Highlights

  • Connects All Data to Your Data Warehouse
  • Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid Deployment (Dealer's Choice!)
  • No Code, Intuitive User Interface
  • Instant Indexing (Kinda' Like Google, But For Your Data)
  • Blistering Fast When, Then, Else Data Rules Engine
  • Intuitive Deep Value Mappings
  • Does Not Cost An Arm and a Leg to Scale
  • Your Very Own Database of Everything To Do What You Want

Ping Us!  We Will Spin Up A Server For You In Seconds!