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Think of it as healthcare for your data.

Healthy data = Healthy patients

Integration and ETL for EMR, PBMs and Beyond.

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The demand for clean and renewable energy, rising interest in distributed generation, and the move to smart grids create new business models that require a modern data infrastructure incorporating internet of things (IoT). Using the power of real-time insight, from rigs to smart meters, is a key way to increase operational productivity, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and gain a timely understanding of customers’ energy use. Striim makes it easy to adopt a modern, streaming data architecture that enables automated data integration in real-time and smart decisions across the whole value chain; delivering safe and cost-effective operations, and better customer experience.

  • Integrate and distribute data across sites and various system in real time
  • Monitor and optimize production operations in real-time using sophisticated variables
  • Adjust load and provide energy conservation recommendations by monitoring distribution networks in real time
  • Optimize well site operations, and control automatically and remotely in real time
  • Predict energy prices, equipment failures, and power-outage durations
  • Provide up-to-date information to customers about outages, repair work, grid updates

from https://www.striim.com/solutions/real-time-data-integration-analytics-energy-utilities/

Healthcare providers

K3 connects clinical and non-clinical HIPAA-compliant data across web and mobile. We track and perform against key population health metrics.

Health Insurance

K3 integrates applications, data and  devices to interact real-time with members and providers, identify gaps in care, insurance exchanges and enrollment channels.

Life sciences

K3 improves engagement with clinicians and healthcare partners to leverage personalized medical data and new product development to drive market expansion.

No Data Is More Important

K3 Connects To Your Healthcare Data

No Matter where the data resides. No matter how ugly, K3 will get it. From Inventory SKU, billing and payments; to tracking patient appointments, payments and test results; website analytics and patient engagement; or Electronic Medical Records (EMR). 

Google Like Search For Your Data

Analyst teams get more out of their data through K3s distributed indexing.  This allows google like queries for your health data.

HIPPA, SOC2, GDPR Compliant

We take patient data very seriously. K3 is designed from the ground up for security. K3 is one of the only integration and streaming ETL platforms with a complete audit trail.

Plug and Play With Your BI Tools

K3 is designed, from the ground up, to work with your B.I. tool. Whether you prefer Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft B.I. or other K3 is automatically integrated.