Software and SaaS

These Are Exciting Times.  Don’t Be Afraid to Jump In.

New Applications Can Streamline Your World.

This is especially true when new applications can seamlessly connect and plug into ongoing operations:  Salesforce changed everything about CRM. Marketo changed everything for marketing. Zendesk changes everything for support. Slack changed everything for office communication.  You can’t fight this tide. K3 gives you a plan and toolkit to quickly integrate new SaaS into your current operations.

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What K3 Does For Data

REST Adaptors are just the beginning

Adaptors For Every Scenario

Connecting to new SaaS applications is just the beginning. Connecting to REST APIs is easy. The trick is to make that data useful in existing operations. This usually means connecting to Heritage and Legacy applications. K3 is ready with an arsenal of adaptors.

Low Code Environment

If you know how to code, that's awesome. But its not necessary to meaningfully build and operate K3 data pipelines. K3 is designed to abstract the integration process into a clean and friendly user interface.

De-Risk Your System Implementation

Listen, The number one area that new systems implementation go wrong is integration. At BroadPeak we work, eat, sleep integration. Let us make your implementation go smoothly irrespective of the system