Integration Software

API Adaptors
Complex Applications

Connect data from anywhere. K3 integration software takes data in any format, allows you to transform, filter, and unify through an intuitive UI, and send it to anywhere. Got complexity? No problem. K3 allows you to control every aspect of format and protocol.

Transform, Filter, Validate

  • Intuitive Mappings UI to transform data
  • WHEN | THEN | ELSE Rules Engine to enrich fields
  • Validation logic with alerts
  • Filtering to keep things clean

Output Clean Data

  • Unify multiple data streams to a single view
  • Store everything.  Every element stored in the DB of your choice
  • Replay data as you like
  • Create new integrations and data flows without code

Future-proof Distributed Throughput

  • Wall St. born, battle-tested, scaleable for everyone
  • Fully distributed process meant to scale as throughput grows
  • You've got big data? K3 loves big data