Exchange integration

  • Real-time trade data delivered to your doorstep.
  • Off-the-shelf, certified trade and orders feeds from exchanges, order management systems, FCMs, and trading systems give you a complete view of trading activity.
  • Adapters to every trading and risk management system delivers real-time trades in your systems.
  • Data provenance with alerts eliminates reconciliations.
  • Commoditized connectivity means most K3 customers are up and running in days not months.

Plenty of folks attempt exchange connectivity because it seems easy.  But consider...

Are you capturing all the data elements from the exchange?  How are you keeping up with changes to the exchange specifications?  How agile is your integration?

K3 is battle tested, exchange certified, captures the FULL exchange message,  and can output messages as you need to best empower your teams to focus on your core mission...managing risk.

Exchange integration | K3 Data Plumbing | BroadPeak Partners Inc.

Regulatory reporting

K3 customers submitted over 300 Million Trades last year across Dodd Frank, Canada Trade Reporting, REMIT, and EMIR. K3 is now leading the way under FinFrag, and MIFID II.

Compliance teams can rest easy with:

  • Data automation
  • Fully Transparent Validation rules and filters
  • Real time alerts
  • Submission acknowledgements

With full recordkeeping, K3 turns a regulatory project into a competitive advantage for data hungry compliance teams. No more waiting on internal teams for data requests.

Many global firms must report across multiple jurisdictions.

K3 is designed to easily connect to multiple repositories and flex with the reporting differences across regimes.

Save Everything!   K3 automatically stores all reporting communications including the acknowledgement from the repository.  Likewise K3 tracks the status of every single trade report in an intuitive work flow.

Regulatory reporting | K3 Data Plumbing | BroadPeak Partners Inc.

Position limits

If you actively trade, then you know position limits are a matter of "intense regulatory emphasis."

K3's limits engine covers:

  • Exchange Position Limits
  • MiFID II Position Limits
  • Internal Position Limits

Users access information via beautiful visualizations (spreadsheets are a tax on your brain) via browsers, mobile/tablet, and BI tools.

Compliance officers can click on a position and instantly get all required info to take action.

When we first built limits, we realized commercial reference data was poor.  So we built our own store in the cloud called Atlas.

Atlas downloads all reference information direct from the exchanges and stores it all behind a REST API in the cloud:

  • Position Limits
  • Spot Start Dates
  • Option Deltas
  • Aggregation Ratios
  • Much more...
Position limits | K3 Data Plumbing | BroadPeak Partners Inc.


You can have all sorts of beautiful surveillance reports. But absent a complete, clean, and harmonized data set they are of little use.

K3 connects directly to Exchanges to compile the data you need in real-time. Quickly get your surveillance program off the ground, and make adjustments as the markets and your business evolve.  Some of K3’s connections:

  • ICE / CME / Nodal Trade Capture APIs
  • ICE Private Order Feed
  • CME Drop Copy (for Orders)
  • TT Trades & Orders
  • CQG Trades & Orders
  • FCM data feeds
  • Visual reports bubble up exceptions right to you. No more combing through rows and rows of data.
  • See exceptions, refine signals from noise, and focus your compliance team on events that really matter.
  • Dive down from exception alerts right to the lowest level of data.
  • Build custom reports for different patterns, teams, and users.
Surveillance | K3 Data Plumbing | BroadPeak Partners Inc.

Trading Is Complicated

K3 loves complexity.  Whether you are trading ten trades per day or a million, K3 is designed to scale.  We've wrapped our minds around all the complexity of data movement so you don't have to.

Distributed Throughput

K3 is fully distributed unlike other integration solutions that use old, message busses,  K3 fully embeds micro-services for, ETL, and component streaming. It's awesome actually.