Quickly Connect to Salesforce

Check out how K3 can help you easily connect to Salesforce

K3 Highlights

Quickly Connect To Salesforce

Whether you are integrating data from a legacy system or pulling data from Salesforce into a database for reporting, getting connected is simple with K3. K3’s streamlined configuration wizard makes connecting to Salesforce a snap.

Real-Time or Batch Integration

Process data in real-time with a platform built for Wall Street trading with the flexibility to support all of your batch processes as well. If you want to poll Salesforce in real-time or on a batch schedule, no problem. Integrate on your schedule without constraints.

No Code UI Based ETL Integration

Do you have data that you need to get into Salesforce that requires complex transformation? K3 makes this process seamless by providing an industry-leading ETL user interface that requires No Code.