Architecture | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Trading System

I am not sure if this is a trend yet.  But it’s worth noting.  Over the past couple months I have talked with a total of three major energy trading entities that all have one thing in common: Projects to “hide” the ETRM system entirely from their traders.  Traders will not use, see, touch or […]

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Regulatory | Trick Bites Back!

One of our gripes with trading systems is that sometimes they just can’t properly book certain trade types.  Yes, there really are trading systems out there that can’t book Futures.  Yes, there really are systems out there that can’t book spread trades, options and an assortment of exchange products upon which traders have already pulled […]

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Dumb Things We Saw Today | Ref Field Constraint

We work with A LOT of different systems and run into all kinds of crazy stuff. Feel free to email us your Dumb Things We Saw Today.   Here is another gem:

We were working with a vendor energy trading system and inputting an exchange Order ID into an Order ID Ref field.  Kudos to the vendor […]

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Opinion | No Strategy is Not a Strategy

We met up with some executives of a large asset based company.  They have a HUGE fleet of delivery vehicles.  When we got on the subject of their fuel use, I asked them what their approach was to hedging.  The answer: no approach.
Build Market DNA
More discussion and it turned out that this was not actually […]

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Regulatory | The Case of the Missing Execution Time

Still a ways from final Dodd-Frank Rules.  But we can definitely see how they are shaping up.   One issue that is certain for all companies engaged in trading: Execution Time.   Here’s the issue: We were working with a client using one of the larger ETRM systems.  Trades are brought in through a “Quick Fix” custom […]

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News | BroadPeak Releases Fills Aggregator

BroadPeak Partners today released the first version of its Exchange Fills Aggregation component for K3.

“It’s one of the most irritating problems for trading management.   A trader might put out an order for 100 Lots and get 6 fills.   So what was once a simple trade has now become 6 trades in the ETRM system,” said […]

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