Deutsche Takes A Hit

Just saw this press release from the CFTC.  Deutsche Bank got fined $2.5 Million for failing to correctly report trades.

How Does This Happen?

It’s guess work.  But a lot of large swaps dealers (and others) decided early on to build their own custom integration over to DTCC, ICE and CME reporting.  What they ended up with […]

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The Weekly Regulator- “Trust Me, I’m A Vendor”

So many exciting!  vendor!  press releases! about MiFID II total readiness.  But if you have not even started on MiFID II yet, don’t worry.  This is hype.

From what we gather…there will be not even be ARMs (Approved Reporting Mechanisms) under MiFID II.

MiFID II is going to have what are called Designated Reporting Service Provider (DRSP), […]

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Aaaaand We Have REMIT Liftoff

There’s a real sense of exhaustion… REMIT is turning out to be like a second kid after EMIR reporting.  The first one, you go around all paranoid, making your house all safe. The second? Well, the kid’s just got to learn the hard way not to stick their finger in the wall socket. That’s what […]

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