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Energy attorney swept into trading and technology. 16 years in the energy and technology markets. Started North American operations for one of the first energy trading software vendors. Directed energy and risk markets for large consultancy. Started BroadPeak in 2006 as an energy consultancy and began developing software in 2011.

MiFID II Webinar Q&A With AIMA, Katten and Broadpeak

AIMA, BroadPeak and Katten Muchin Rosenman had a great webinar and Question and Answer session last week on MiFID II transaction reporting and position limits.  We had just over 350 attendees and could not quite get to all the questions.  So, we have put our heads together and are publishing the first set of questions […]

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Enterprise Technology | Stop | Clear Your Mind

Name 3 technologies (software, open source, other)  that made a significant positive impact for the enterprise in 2016.

Corporate IT departments are a tough place to be these days. On the one hand IT departments are constantly hammered by the business to execute, execute, execute.  On the other hand they are handcuffed by some “Cargo Cult” […]

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CFTC- Hail Mary?

It has been a busy seven days in the world of regulatory position limits. First a new MiFID II position limits RTS was released as reported here and the CFTC re-proposed their own ‘Dodd-Frank’ limits regime. Most international firms will have to comply with both.  So why has the CFTC limits announcement being getting so […]

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MiFID II- Data Validation

Validation. There is a reason everyone is talking about it.  If you do it wrong, your compliance personnel start pulling their hair out.   As far as ESMA, Dodd-Frank and MiFID II trade reporting we are clearly in a world that is moving from low validation to one that is highly validated.

Com-Sci 101:  Four Categories of […]

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The Demise of Delegated Reporting- MiFID II

Trade Reporting.  Ask anyone on the sell side or in commodities or derivatives about MIFID II and you will probably get a pretty solid “been there, done that”.  Dodd-Frank, EMIR, REMIT, Canada; MIFID II does not look so bad.  Sure, a few wrinkles like T+0 transparency reporting, but other than that we are probably good […]

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The 4 Biggest Trading Limits Mistakes

It’s been wisely said before that “Little details have special talents at causing big problems”.   In time for Dodd-Frank and MiFID II limits we have just rolled out a new version of K3 limits.  

We just rolled out a new […]

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For People Who Love Bad News…

It’s been all good news these days. Makes me think back to high school when I learned about the Stoics. Something to the effect of …destructive emotions are the result of an error in judgement.  I suppose it could also be said that errors in judgement are the result of destructive emotions. Either way these […]

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EU-MAR – More Insight

A really good article here from Baringa.   The gist is focus on Policy and Plan.  There’s a reason for that.  Sure, you want all your order information from all exchanges and market-places.  The bad news is that not all of them are remotely ready to go.  There’s a little bit of a dark art […]

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Corporate Tuberculosis

So, I’m sitting in this meeting at an enormous Fortune 50 company. The general theme of the meeting is “digital transformation” and creating better insight into data for the business. Operations wants something really straightforward: direct access to data for faster turnaround.   We’re reviewing the most powerful data technologies in the market and how they all […]

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How To MAR- A Commodities Primer

We’ve  recently had some very interesting conversations with companies about MAR.  Despite going live in July 2016, it’s clear that companies are falling into two camps.  Those that are doing their best to ignore it.  And, those that are really grappling with some of the finer points of surveilling manipulative behavior.  Things like:

When does a […]

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