Quickly Connect to Any Datasource

Watch this 3 Minute Demo to see what K3 ETL can do for your data.

K3 Highlights

  • Connects To Any Data Source
  • Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid Deployment (Dealer's Choice!)​
  • ETL Configuration with No Code Required
  • Easy to Use User Interface
  • Instantly Query All Your Data to Glean Insights
  • Powerful Data Rules Engine
  • Intuitive Deep Value Mappings
  • Your Very Own Database Of Everything To Do With What You Want
  • Real-Time or Batch ETL and Integration
  • Harmonized Data To Any Database
  • Intuitive Deep Value Mappings
  • Manage Streaming and Deep Data Flows With An Elegant Dashboard
  • Rule Based Data Validation And Alerting For All Data Payloads
  • High Performance ETL Processing

Connect To Any System

Simplify your integration process by easily connecting to any application, API, database, message queue, or file.

Real-Time or Batch Integration

Process data in real-time with a platform built for Wall Street trading with the flexibility to support all of your batch processes as well.

No Code UI Based ETL Integration

Create complex data mapping and data transformation without writing a single line of code. Our streamlined and simple UI removes complexity without losing the power to meet all of your ETL needs.