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CFTC- Hail Mary?

It has been a busy seven days in the world of regulatory position limits. First a new MiFID II position limits RTS was released as

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MiFID II- Data Validation

Validation. There is a reason everyone is talking about it.  If you do it wrong, your compliance personnel start pulling their hair out.   As far

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Corporate Tuberculosis

So, I’m sitting in this meeting at an enormous Fortune 50 company. The general theme of the meeting is “digital transformation” and creating better insight

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ICE Releases New Wash Trades FAQ

This month the Intercontinental Exchange (aka ICE) released a revised Wash Trade FAQ document.  This isn’t simply arbitrary guidance.  It comes after considerable review with the CFTC,

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Euro Insanity

There’s an old saying that insanity is defined by doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.  There is no shortage of

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